Wicked Innocents

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Publisher: S.H. Livernois

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Everyone is good at heart. Until the heart is broken.

Nelly Huggett is a wounded child. A wicked child. An eccentric. A troublemaker. An innocent. A little devil.

Nelly Huggett says something took her mother, brother, and father. That’s all she knows. And she needs Hyla and Lizeth Frontenac to bring them all back.

But the facts tell a different story. A story of revenge and torment and a suffocating and powerful evil. And when Nelly reveals her sinister side, the sisters wonder if the monster they seek is masquerading as a little girl.

But Hyla won’t accept that. She can’t lose another child to darkness. She knows Nelly’s just different, wild, misunderstood.

But what if she’s wrong? Wherever this evil comes from, it’s dragging Hyla into the abyss faster than she can chase the clues.

And she may lose herself before she can save anyone else.