Titan Takedown

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Publisher: PePe Press



Wealthy. Well dressed. Dauntless.
The Carrows family comes together once again to right a wrong the way only they can—with style!
Charlotte and her fiancé, Alex, are planning their happily ever after, but the celebrations are overshadowed by tragedy. Alex’s sister and her husband are locked in a corrupt business deal. One loophole after another has them in a chokehold, and they’re about to lose the family farm.
It’s not just them. Morally bankrupt and vicious Damien Miller suckered lots of honest, hard-working families into a contractual scheme based on fraudulent lies, which could leave them homeless. But now he’s crossed paths with the Carrows—an avenging, charming group of grifters who love nothing more than a good hunt.
With unlimited resources at their disposal, Henry Carrows gathers his children and insists they set old grudges aside to run a little scheme of their own. But their plot depends on one thing…
Will Damien take the bait?
A seductive, well-dressed double cross. Come along for the ride.
Titan Takedown is the second book in the Carrows Family Chronicles series of billionaire caper novels.