The Chances Series

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Publisher: A. M. Willard



The Chances Series is a romantic suspense box-set that includes Unexpected Chances and Unexpected Changes for an epic love story.

Vol 1 Unexpected Chances
I locked my heart and threw away the key, vowing to never let another man in. I even mastered how to keep the happy façade going to avoid the questions and looks from my family and friends.

It all changed with one awkward meeting…

Comes to find out he’s not the person I thought he was…

Carter Northwood is followed by lies, threats, and one disaster after another, but can I learn to look past it all?

Vol 2 Unexpected Changes

Unexpected Changes continues the epic romantic suspense love story of Tabitha and Carter.

The lies, threats, and disasters continue to build…

I convinced myself that love doesn’t change a person… But can it overpower everything else in the end? Can I look past it, and open my broken heart back up to the one person I can’t stop thinking about?

He ruined me for good… I became a woman I didn’t know, someone overcome with sadness and jealousy.

In reality, it was a good thing, as now my heart can feel and mourn the love that it lost. I just don’t know if I can trust him with the power that he holds.