The Belial Sacrifice

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Publisher: R.D. Brady

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Delaney McPhearson is the only one with a chance to save a world gone mad.
But it will require her to sacrifice everything.
And everyone.

Sergei Yanovich aided Elisabeta in her attempt to take overthe world.  Now, after months of hiding,he’s going to cash in.  Because he knowsElisabeta’s greatest and most lucrative secret.

Delaney McPhearson is also in hiding.  But she’s not cashing in. Governments acrossthe globe are cracking down on the enhanced among them.  No criminal activity, no dangerous behavioris required for individuals to get caught in the government’s crosshairs.  The world has declared all Fallen and theirfamilies enemy number one.

In the middle of that storm, Laney is trying to help as manyas she can while staying one step ahead of their governments.  But soon, some of those governments trying tokill her will turn to her when they realize she is their last hope.

But to save them all, she must risk everyone and everythingdear to her.  But a handful of lives isworth saving billions, right?