Digital Parenting

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The Internet can be both educational and fun, however it comes with risks. Those risks must be addressed to keep our families safe. As parents, that responsibility falls to us. Children can be more technically savvy when it comes to using social media and the Internet than their parents, though they can lack the wisdom to use technology safely. That comes with time and experience, which children often lack. Cyberbullying is only one of the threats that our children have to face on a daily basis. In addition, there are dangers simply from using a search engine. Other threats exist in the form of cyber stalkers, online predators and mistakes that users make themselves that can cause problems for them later. Research has shown repeatedly that children usually do not tell anyone (much less their parents) if they are being cyberbullied or having other problems online. The key to keeping your family safe is to take a pro-active approach and learn about the risks. #DigitalParenting provides parents with the tools they need to help keep their kids safe from online dangers that are lurking.