Death Knell

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Publisher: S.H. Livernois

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Strength in numbers. Death alone.

We’ve been watching you. We’ve seen all your sins. And your time has come. Now it’s our turn.

In the little towns scattered among the Smokies, people vanish without a trace. Not one or two. Not dozens.


No one asks questions. No one except Detective Tristan Sidders, and he’s treading on perilous ground. In these mountains, a powerful mob rules from behind the curtain, unchallenged, and they want him to keep quiet.

Instead, he asks Hyla and Lizeth Frontenac to take the case.

A killer is hiding in this chaos. A killer who targets women. A killer who may not be human. Though he’s been careful for years, his latest victim escaped, and she’s left clues behind.

As the mob closes in on the sisters, a strange old man appears, spouting threats and prophecies. The curtain shifts a little. Behind it, the sisters find a decades-old secret, almost too horrific to be believed.

And if they don’t defeat it, mankind will be doomed.