The Tales of Iryvalya: Bloodlines

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Publisher: LeAnn Kelley

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My world is not like yours. It was once peaceful… beautiful… prosperous… Then the Elves came to power. Greedy and vengeful, the Elves split into two rival Klayns, The Pyrothian Elves and the Lumaryia Elves. These two Klayns have been fighting for centuries, laying waste to everything in their way. Some rebels, The Drayk’s, believe in the prophecy… that a mixed-blood Elf will end the war and unite the world in a new era of peace…

…And they believe that mixed-blood Elf is me… an orphan named Nyrieve, raised by Fairies whose true identity has been hidden from her for so long… Me… How can I bring peace to Iryvalya, a world I have barely seen?

…but, do I even want to?