Absorbing Lives

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Publisher: Rogue Street Entertainment, LLC



The United States changed after the Information Age. A new breed of human, the elite Changers, controlled all information and technology. When they harnessed immortality and the ability to change their appearance at will, everybody wanted to experience The Change. But there was a catch: immortality means one must absorb the life of another.

As their numbers grew, the Changers erased State boundaries and walled off sections of the country to control the human population as a life source for The Change.

But the Punks objected to the absorption of the innocent to feed the elite and they rebelled. After years of fighting and countless deaths, the Changers and the Punks established a treaty. Since then, the Punks protect the people from the Changers: control the food source-control the Changers.

As the supply of humans is rationed by the Punks, the Changers prepare new high-tech AI weapons to eliminate the Punks and remake the world the way they want it: self-sufficient Changers with their own human breeding farms.

The underdog Punks refuse to be intimidated. Intense loyalty to their cause and unconditional love for their brothers and sisters are their strengths.

Levi made it his mission to retain power as the leader of the Changers and eliminate the Punks by any means necessary.
Krystal, a specially chosen Changer, is sentenced to death by the Changers and the Punks and must now choose sides.
Curtis, a high-ranking Punk, never planned to in fall in love with a Changer.
Dion didn’t ask to be the Punks’ leader. With war at the front gate and thousands of innocent lives in his hands, his next decision could kill them all.

Fighting with a rag-tag group of misfits and society’s rejects, the Punks hold the fate of civilization in their hands.