About My Standards

Industry Standards
I use the Chicago Manual of Style with Merriam-Webster’s dictionary for US English manuscripts, and the Oxford Guide to Style with the Oxford dictionary for UK English manuscripts. These are industry standards for fiction.
My contract terms include my agreement to confidentiality. Your manuscript will never be shared with anyone other than myself and my second-pass proofreader (if applicable).
Tracked Changes
I edit with Word’s Track Changes feature enabled. You always have the option to reject any change you don’t agree with. I also use Word’s Comments feature to add explanations, comments, or questions.

If you’re not familiar with using Track Changes, click here for a quick tutorial on Track Changes.

You’ll never be in the dark about why I make changes. Part of my process is to insert a comment the first time I make a certain type of change to explain why I made it. Sometimes, I’ll even insert a link into the comment so you can learn more about it. As the edit continues, those comments will be more sparse. Try not to be intimidated by the first chapter or two of your edit! The rest of it won’t look so “heavy.”
About Me

About Me

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan, where I still live with my two dogs, five cats (I know…), and a rescue turtle I call Monsieur Turtle. If you happened to Google my name and found some disturbing results, rest assured I am NOT that Lisa Gilliam. I’ve never lived in Kentucky, have never allegedly murdered anyone, and have never been the subject of an episode of Snapped!

Now that we have that cleared up, I got my start in editing and proofreading in the corporate sector almost twenty years ago. I’ve always been the resident Finder of Typos, but when I wanted to make the switch to fiction in 2013, I quickly realized that being “good at English” didn’t make me a good fiction editor—not yet. I spent the next two years reading, studying, and taking classes in creative writing and story structure. In early 2015, I applied for a proofreading position with Booktrope Publishing, passed their test, and was hired. There, I combined what I’d learned with the knowledge of many other editors and learned how to be a great editor. Booktrope unfortunately closed their virtual doors in mid-2016, but I had already started my own fiction editing business, and thankfully, many of my Booktrope clients chose to continue working with me as they pursued their indie careers.

I now work as a copyeditor and proofreader for Kensington Publishing, under three of their imprints. I also work as a subcontractor for two other professional editing companies, Pikko’s House Editing (I do proofreading only) and Rooted in Writing (proofreading and copyediting). These hiring processes included passing their respective editing tests, so my skills are tried and true.

Though I enjoy working for a New York publisher, I love working with indie authors! I’m a huge fan of indie books, and there’s nothing like the collaborative effort of working with an indie author to bring a new book to its readers. My schedule is usually booked a few months out, but I’m always available to take on new clients. I’d love to be part of your team.

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